MF350.2 3T


MF350.2 3T

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Yield of Cycle
Yield for blast chilling cycle (90/+3°C) Kg 350
Yield for shock freezing cycle (90/-18°C) Kg 350
Trolleys n. 3x20 (GN 2/1 or 600x800 mm)
Trolleys n. 6x20 (GN 1/1 or 600x400 mm)
Width 1600 mm
Depth 3923 mm
Height 2475 mm
Weight 1200 Kg
Electric Data / Power Requirements
Electric Supply 400V 3N+PE 50Hz
 Full load amps A 15,5
Total Rating (FLI) kW 7,1
Condensing Unit UC350
Electric Supply 400V - 50Hz (3N+PE)
Full load amps A 52,4
Total Rating (FLI) kW 23,4

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