Convotherm 4 BAKE 10.10


Convotherm 4 BAKE 10.10

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Convotherm 4 BAKE 10.10 easyTouch Electric Injection/Spritzer 8 x EN
Baked goods and snacks always fresh and in professional quality.
The Convotherm 4 BAKE combines traditional baking know-how with the modern principles of combi oven.
The result isalways fresh baked goods in professional quality.
- Suction panel for optimized consistency to accommodate the shelf rack EN
- Set Shelf rack (600 x 400 mm) EN with L Profil
- Door drip tray with filter
- 35 baking profiles, 14 profiles for snacks&deli food
- Rise&Ready - 3 proofing profiles integrated in the bake book
- Add bake time after end of profile (Time )
- BakePro (5 levels of traditional baking)
- HumidityPro (5 humidity settings)
- Controllable fan (5 speed settings)
- Natural Smart Climate™ with closed system ACS+
- Cook&Hold (cooks and holds in one process)
- Flexible multi-mode regenerating function (Regenerate+)
- Automatic cooking and baking with quick-select buttons (Press&Go+)
- Integral Press&Go (Manager and Crew modes)
- Right-hinged door
- ConvoClean+ fully automatic cleaning system with economy, regular and express modes (optionally with single-measure dispensing)
- FilterCare interface
- USB port integrated in the control panel, Ethernet interface (LAN)
- HACCP and pasteurisation figures data storage

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